Balik Scientist Webinars

During the Enhanced Community Quarantine, Balik Scientist Dr. Jayvee A. Saco conducted a series of webinars on “Green Tide Blooms in the Philippines.”

The first webinar was launched on April 27, 2020, in coordination with DOST-PCAARRD. A second webinar was carried out on May 4, 2020, to accommodate those who were not able to participate in the first webinar.

Photos from DOST PCAARRD Official Facebook Page

On May 15, 2020, Dr. Jayvee A. Saco was invited as a speaker to a webinar entitled “Biology: Through the Eyes of Research” organized the PLM Society for Biological Sciences. On the same day, Dr. Jayvee A. Saco participated in the pilot episode of #MicroVlogs organized by the UP MSI – Microbial Oceanography Laboratory as part of the celebration of the Month of the Ocean.

Photos from PLM Society of Biological Sciences and Microbial Oceanography Laboratory Official Facebook Pages

Catch Dr. Jayvee A. Saco’s latest webinar on May 20, 2020!

Photo from UAP Singapore Chapter Official Facebook Page

Master of Science in Marine Biology

The Batangas State University through the Verde Island Passage Center for Oceanographic Research and Aquatic Life Science and College of Arts and Science (Main I) would like to inform everyone that we will be officially offering the newest graduate program of our University – MASTER OF SCIENCE IN MARINE BIOLOGY. We will be offering the program this coming 1st Semester Academic Year 2020-2021.

For further information and inquiries, please email us at